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Frozen Bead Ornament


silver pipe cleaners
24-gauge craft wire
small round-nosed pliers
clear, blue, white and silver beads (pony, sunburst, tri-beads and faceted)


1. Tie three pipe cleaners together at the middle with craft wire.
2. Space the three pipe cleaners evenly apart and press flat, creating a six-pointed star.
3. String beads onto each arm. Vary the sizes, shapes and colors. Place small beads near the beginning, large beads in the middle and small beads at the end of each arm. Leave the last inch of each arm free of beads.
4. Bend the arms into semicircles that meet at the top. Twist the arms together.
5. Add a few more beads to ends, then bend the very end of the arms over to keep beads from slipping off.
6. Tie a 6-inch piece of ribbon to the ball where the stems meet. Then tie the two ends of ribbon together to form a hanger.

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