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Iron-Clad Friendship Necklace

“Be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” —Romans 1:12


scrapbook paper
2 metal washers
tacky glue
craft knife
Mod Podge
72 inches of leather cord


1. With a friend, pick two designs of scrapbook paper.
2. Trace the outside edge of a washer twice on each paper.
3. Cut out the circles. Glue your design to the front of each washer.
4. Using a craft knife, carefully cut through the center of the washer.
5. Glue your friend’s design to the other side of each washer and cut the hole again.
6. Paint both sides with Mod Podge. Let dry completely.
7. For each necklace, take a 36-inch piece of cord. Poke a loop of cord through the center of the washer, then pull both ends through the loop to make a knot.
8. Tie the ends together, leaving room for the necklace to easily fit over your head. (To learn how to tie an adjustable knot, click on the image below.)

Adjustable Knots (Video)

9. Give the second necklace to your friend.

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