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Stars and Stripes Windsock


empty tin can
steel wool
masking tape
white spray paint
star stickers
blue acrylic paint
wide ribbon (red and white)
hot glue gun


1. Soak can in water to remove label. Ask a parent to line the can’s inside edge with masking tape.
2. Rub can with steel wool to rough up the surface and remove glue.
3. Put down newspaper outside and spray can with white paint. Allow to dry.
4. Place star stickers on can.
5. Paint can with blue acrylic paint and let dry. Carefully peel off stickers so white stars show through.
6. Use a nail to hammer two holes on top of can. Thread yarn through holes and tie a knot to make a hanger.
7. Cut six pieces of red ribbon and six pieces of white ribbon about 12 inches long.
8. Use hot glue gun to attach ribbons to inside of can.
9. Once the glue dries, hang your windsock outside to show everybody how much you love your country!

Optional: For a Canadian windsock, use red spray paint in step 3, maple leaf stickers in step 4 and white paint in step 5.

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