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2023 Members’ Mag: A Wall of Water

Naomi looked back and saw the pillar of fire standing behind the camp. She was still amazed at this strange appearance of God’s presence in the midst of his people. It soon became dark, but not very dark, because of the pillar’s glow behind the Israelites’ camp. Naomi’s family ate some of the bread they had brought out with them from Egypt.

After dinner her father said that it was time to go to sleep, so Naomi went over to the sheep where most of her family’s belongings were being held. There she grabbed a handmade green and blue blanket from one of the packs, covered herself with it and lay on the cold and slightly damp ground. As she drifted to sleep, she could hear the comforting sound of her parents talking to each other, and she knew that everything would be OK.    

The next moment Naomi was aware of, she was awaking to a brand new morning. Her parents were already busy packing up the pots and pans they had used last night. That could only mean one thing. They were going to cross the Red Sea today. Naomi leapt to her feet and tried to steal a glance at the sea but couldn’t manage it because she was not tall enough to see over the crowd. The time had finally come to go across the sea.

Moses, the Israelite leader, raised his staff high into the air, and Naomi heard the great sound of the water parting. There before her now lay a dry path where just moments before there had been water. She was in awe. The people started crossing the Red Sea together. As she looked from side to side, she saw many fish and other creatures within the water on either side, so many beautiful creatures usually hidden from sight beneath the water. As she walked for a little while, she realized that this was truly a miracle from God.

Emmy V., 11,  Indiana

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