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2023 Members’ Mag Poems




Getting louder

Dancing hands

Tapping feet

All moving to the beat

Keys bouncing

Pedal jumping

Fingers dancing

Music flying

Soul singing


Drew B., 14, Virginia

Night Time

The wind blows through the trees,

The soft rustle of the leaves.

All is calm.

All is quiet.

The bird flies to her nest,

All the rabbits are now at rest.

All is peaceful.

All is still.

The owl hoots his lovely tune,

The crickets sing to the moon.

All is dark.

All is silent.

Isn’t nighttime wonderful?

Bethany B., 13, South Carolina

Along My Savior Die with Thee

Along my Savior die with Thee,

March on to heaven’s majesty,

Let not the pleasures of this world,

Choose your path forevermore.

Along my Savior die with Thee,

Hope is yours for eternity;

For lonely souls who tread fearlessly,

Let thy Savior comfort thee.

Along my Savior die with Thee,

Stride toward the light, let darkness flee;

If your faith is truly strong,

Trials won’t shake you all day long.

Along my Savior die with Thee,

Trust thy father through the deep.

Don’t let His light abandon ye,

Through the trials and stormy seas.

Along my Savior die with Thee,

Pick up they cross and follow He,

For this world is not our Home,

But ours is to forever come.

McKenna N., 13, New York

“Time to Go!”

“Time to go!” Mom and Dad say,

We hurry, scurry, to obey.

We don our hats and coats and shoes,

It’s time to go, but parents choose

To stay and talk on to their friend.

Their conversation has no end.

They talk and talk and talk some more,

We’re no closer to the door.

“Hey,” I say, “It’s time to go.”

“Wait a minute, hon, we know.”

We go back and start to play

But, “Time to go!” Mom and Dad say.

We don our hats and coats once more,

But they’re still talking, it’s a bore.

Waiting, watching, seems a chore,

We’re no closer than before.

Marta O., 13, Minnesota

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