Ode to Braces

I have a spring between my teeth,
It makes me feel so grand,
And every now and then again
I touch it with my hand.

My cheeks are raw and all chewed up,
Inside my mouth so sore,
Due to the brackets on my teeth,
It makes me want to roar!

I cannot chew a jerky stick,
Caramel is taboo,
I have to cut my cobb’ed corn
And slice my apples, too.

Sometimes I sit and think and sigh
And feel so very glum,
And pray that I can last these days
Without my bubblegum.

I’ve gone through countless toothbrushes
Scrubbing these beastly things,
And I think I’ve met my bane
In evil chicken wings.

The bits that stick behind the wire
Just make me want to yell,
As I labor long with water-pick
And with the floss travail.

Sometimes I fall upon my knees
And cry to God above,
And ask Him to please help me survive
Without my popcorn love.

But then a ray of light shines down
As I’m reminded of this truth,
That in the deepest, darkest night
Helps my soul to soothe.

For every other month that comes
When I have to go again,
I get to pick new colors out
That all see when I grin.

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Copyright © Focus on the Family. Used by permission. Clubhousemagazine.com

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