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Yardwork Deception

A good detective looks for connections.

Matthew Parker and I were drinking lemonade when Matthew’s little sister, Camilla, came through the door. She looked hot and sweaty.

“Do you want some lemonade?” Matthew offered.

“Yes!” Camilla said. “I’ve been working all week for the Green Grass Club.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a yardwork service,” Camilla explained. “My partner mowed lawns and pulled weeds on the west side of town, and I worked on the east side of town.”

“Who did you work with?” I asked.

“I don’t know her name,” Camilla said. “But she had long hair. I’m meeting her later to get paid. She said she would collect the money from all our customers, then we’d split it 50/50.”

Camilla ran upstairs to change. Meanwhile, Matthew and I rode our bikes to the park. We saw Zoe Grant, pulling weeds in the hot sun. She looked just as exhausted as Camilla.

“How’s it going?” I asked her.

“Great!” Zoe said, putting her long hair up in a ponytail. “I’ve been doing yardwork for hours. My partner and I got jobs all over town. She covered the east side of Odyssey, while I did the west side.”

“Oh, you must be working with Camilla,” Matthew said.

Zoe frowned. “I’m not sure. I only talked to her over the phone. We’re meeting later to split the money 50/50.”

Matthew and I rode on to Whit’s End. We saw Valerie Swanson at the counter, counting a big stack of cash into three piles.

“Where did you get that money?” I asked.

“From my new business,” Valerie said. “Which is none of your business!”

I could not believe it. Valerie wouldn’t get her hands dirty in a million years!

“Call your sister,” I whispered to Matthew. “She’s about to get cheated.”

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