Tyler’s Terrific Egg Sandwich

Teenage mountaineer Tyler Armstrong loves to cook, especially this protein-packed sandwich in the morning.


salt and pepper
2 slices American cheese
English muffin
2 slices Black Forest ham
dried chopped onion
Montreal steak seasoning


1. In a greased pan, cook egg until slightly hardened. Flip to other side and add salt, pepper and American cheese. Cook until cheese melts.
2. While you wait, toast English muffin.
3. Remove muffin from toaster and place egg on top.
4. Put ham in already hot pan. Add dried onion and seasoning to taste. Cook until lightly charred.
5. Butter top half of English muffin.
6. Place ham on egg. Put remaining English muffin on top to complete breakfast sandwich.

Tyler Armstrong has climbed the tallest mountains on five continents! Read his story in the October 2017 issue of Clubhouse magazine.

Copyright © 2017 by Tyler Armstrong. Photo © Carl Lender/Flickr.com; used under Creative Commons license.

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