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Each year readers submit over 1,000 stories, poems, and drawings.  We can only fit a few into the magazine, but wanted to share more of the amazing work we receive.

Featured Member Submissions


Do you have an older neighbor who isn’t feeling well? Can you think of any ways to cheer them up? Here are some simple gift

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Bible Word Search

Search up, down, across, backward and diagonally for the following Bible story words: banquet crown Haman king Mordecai queen scepter Vashti Xerxes Bonus Word: Can

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Members' Mag 2019

Clubhouse readers sent in more than 1,200 entries this year. We could only fit a few in the magazine, but here are more amazing stories, poems and drawings from kids like you!  Thank you for sharing! 


Miriam, 13, from Indiana

Hannah, 11, from Kansas

Havah, 14, from Pennsylvania

Hannah, 14, from Iowa

Spoon in the Road

Timothy, 10, from Oregon

Where Are You?

Riley, 11, from Colorado

Sarah, 14, from California

Benjamin, 11, from Massachusetts