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He’s back, and even more average than ever! Average Boy answers random questions asked by YOU, the readers.

Question  My friends are coming over for lunch later this week. They are younger than me, and I don’t know what games to play with them. Do you have any ideas?


Answer  Hey Brit,

I can tell you which games NOT to play. “Human sling-shot bike” is not a good game. Don’t play “Pin the cat on the dog.” Don’t play “Hide the smelly sock.” All these games didn’t end well for me. What I would do is just ask your friends what they like to play. They may have some cool ideas you haven’t thought of yet. Have fun!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  What’s your favorite animal? My favorite is actually chickens.


Answer  Hey Micah,

A lot of kids at school think my favorite animal is a chicken. That’s why they’re always yelling, “Hey! Chicken!” at me. I smile and say, “Actually, dolphin, but chickens are cool, too.” They look really confused and then normally walk away. I guess they don’t like dolphins. Anyway, great question!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  I love reading your stories! How do you tell a really funny joke without laughing in the middle of it? I love to tell jokes but start laughing and don’t finish it.


Answer  Hey Mykayla,

My dad is reading these questions with me and he says I’ve never told a funny joke before so it’s not a problem. He thinks his comment is pretty funny because he’s laughing a lot right now. (I mention that in case you’re wondering why the ground is shaking.)

Anyway, if I’m going to tell a funny joke, I practice it first. Stand in front of the mirror and tell it a few times. By the third time you should be able to tell it without laughing. Hope that helps!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  Hi! Have you ever joined a club? Once I made a book club and a girls club. I also joined a Bible club and go to VBS in the summer. Big fan!


Answer  Hey Sarah,

I tried to start a book club once but no books showed up. 🙂 I go to several VBS’s each summer at different churches. My mom seems to really like signing me up and then dropping me off at these things. Billy and I also started the Stinky Feet club. Actually, we didn’t start it… it just sort of happened when we got back from visiting that pig farm. Clubs are cool!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  I live in The Netherlands. It takes a long time for your Clubhouse magazines to get here, but when we get them it’s like Christmas! My family really liked your Thanksgiving story. (Something like that happened to us, but I’ll save you the chaos.)


Answer  Hey Sophia,

I love chaos, so please send me your story! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  Have you ever forgotten to put baking powder in something you were baking? I have. Do not taste it—it is bland!


Answer  Hey Meg,

Huh, I guess my dad always forgets the baking powder. Everything he makes is bland.

I once made an omelet but forgot to put the eggs in. I was talking to my mom and not paying attention. So basically I ate warm ham, onions and cheese. It wasn’t bad, actually.

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  What’s your favorite holiday? Mine is Christmas, because it’s Jesus’ birthday. 🙂 Totally not because I get presents…


Answer  Hey Anna,

Yeah… totally. 🙂 My favorite holiday is Christmas also. I love the decorations, the food, the church stuff… and I’ve got to be honest, the presents don’t hurt. Have you ever noticed no one says Arbor Day is their favorite holiday? Maybe if Arbor Day had presents. Ooh, or cool costumes! We could all dress as trees. I’ve got dibs on the cactus!

Anyway, great question and Merry Christmas!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  Who are your BFFs? And is there anyone you don’t like?


Answer  Hey Kaley,

Billy is my best friend, but I like everyone. There’s no one on this planet that I don’t like… of course, there are people I like less than others. 🙂

I won’t name names, because that’s not polite. And even though Clint, Clay and Donnie don’t read the answers on here, I still wouldn’t want to say anything bad about them. Great question!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  How many pages are in the Bible?


Answer  Hey Abby,

It depends on which Bible you’re reading. I’ve got a pop-up Bible that’s only 12 pages long. I like to get my friends to open it up to the Daniel story. It’s fun to see who screams when that lion pops out!

My other Bible is 2,018 pages long. I can use it for devotions and weightlifting!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

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