The Best Easter Play Ever

A scene from Average Boy: The Best Easter Play Ever

“Ha, ha. Very funny, Dad!” I said, not laughing.

“It wasn’t me,” my dad said as he sat on the couch eating a Butterfinger. “It was the Easter Bunny! Rabbits like vegetables, you know.”

My brother looked dejected. Instead of candy in our plastic Easter eggs, we woke up to find raw broccoli and baby carrots.

Oh well, nothing was going to ruin this day for me. Not only could I celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but I was going to be in the Easter play at church!

Our worship leader had asked me to audition for the leading role. I was so excited that I went home and started making my costume.

The next week I walked onto stage in a bunny suit, which probably looked a little strange when the disciples came up to see the holes in my hands. Thomas even reached up and felt my paw. Anyway, my acting skills paid off, and I hopped right into the role of my hero, Jesus Christ!

I quickly ate breakfast and headed to my room to put on my new costume, which was a white sheet wrapped around to look like a robe.

“Where’s the top sheet?” I screamed, looking at my empty bed.

“While you guys were eating breakfast, I threw it in the washer,” Mom said. “It’ll be clean in time for bed tonight.”

Oh, no. I thought.

I took off the bottom sheet with the elastic corners and tied it around me. Five minutes later, I had one of the rounded corners over my head like a hood, two others wrapped around my elbows and the last corner tangled around my feet. Staring in the mirror, I looked like a folded burrito.

Thankfully, my dad had a great idea. We tied my top sheet to the truck bed and drove to church. Not only did this dry the sheet really fast, but it made my dad’s truck look like it had a cape!

The play went really awesome. At one point when I was supposed to walk on stage after rising from the dead, I decided Jesus would probably swoop in and land on top of the table. So with the help of a ladder and the rope used to move the stone away, I flew across the stage and landed right on the table!

This one kid named Peter, who was playing “Peter,” saw me fly toward him and got scared. He screamed and jumped up, knocking all the grape juice and bread in the air. Actually, the grape juice didn’t go in the air; it went all over me.

“That’s right, Peter!” I said to cover his mistake. “That’s how excited everyone should be at the resurrection of the Savior! You can’t deny that, can you, Peter? Get it? Peter? Deny?”

The church was completely silent, except for my dad, who was eating a Snickers bar.

Afterward the pastor said we should all be excited that we can worship the risen Savior! It was the perfect message on the perfect day.

Happy Easter, everyone!

This article originally appeared in the April 2009 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine. Copyright © 2011, 2012 by Bob Smiley. Used by permission. Illustration © Gary Locke.

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