Party Tie


cereal box
tie pattern (click here to download)
masking tape
large paperclip
crepe paper
candy, photos and activity coupons (click here to download)


1. Carefully cut a cardboard cereal box and lay flat.
2. Draw a tie shape onto cardboard and cut it out. (Click here to download a pattern.) Then trace it on remaining cardboard and cut it out to create two identical shapes.
3. Cut out strips of cardboard 2 inches wide. Tape the strips around the edges of the tie cutouts. Leave an opening at the top of the tie.
4. Tape paperclip inside the top of tie so tip hangs out about 1/4 inch.
5. Line up a ruler along one bottom edge of tie. Take pencil and draw line down the other edge. Repeat using the pencil lines as an edge until you’ve covered the tie.
6. Pick Dad’s two favorite colors. Label the color of each stripe, alternating between rows.
7. Fold long strips of crepe paper in half, gluing just the edges together with a tiny line of glue.
8. Make cuts about 1/4 inch apart on folded edge of crepe paper.
9. Glue corresponding color onto each row, fitting a couple pieces of each color on top of each other. Switch to other color when you finish a row.
10. Fill the tie with your dad’s favorite candy, pictures you’ve drawn, coupons to do activities with you, a note from you and other treats.

Click on the image below to download family activity coupons.

Coupons for Dad

You can make coupons for…
Fun activities: movie night, miniature golf, silly photo session
Chores: mow the lawn, unload the dishwasher, clean a bathroom
Treats/Gifts: cookies, drawings or stories, a big hug

11. Tape a piece of cardboard and final decoration over the opening at the top. Tie the string to the paperclip.
12. Give Dad his tie on Father’s Day. He can hang it up like a piñata or open it carefully if he wants to save it as a keepsake. Have a fun afternoon! But remember: All the treats are Dad’s!

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Photo © Focus on the Family/Jenny Dillon.

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