Hope is usually described with such metaphors as: a ray, a beam, a glimmer of hope; the break in the clouds; the light at the end of the dark tunnel. It is often discovered in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

Life is full of a series of challenges that we must face. Although these challenges may seem impossible at times, they are probably there for a reason. My father used to say, "It is the sandpaper that makes the wood smooth." Help your children learn the value of hope in all they do.

No matter what sort of adversity or challenge we face, we can always believe that, with hope, it can be conquered and, in the end, we will be stronger for it. Life does go on despite our circumstances. Hopefully, you will pass on this valuable lesson to your children through the activities in this package.

To Do

  1. Go over the Hope (pdf) poster together and put it on the refrigerator.
  2. Read the story, Amiga, Friend, with your child and discuss the questions at the end.
  3. Do the What I Hope For activity to reinforce the hope character trait.


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