Post-Deployment: The Long-Term Reality

"Wars begin where you will, but do not end where you please." – Machiavelli

Conditions that have haunted war veterans since the beginning of mankind have more recently been assigned labels: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), survivor's guilt, situational depression, compassion fatigue. The tour may be over, but, for many veterans, the war rages on inside their head during waking and sleeping moments.

Wives, too, are affected by trauma experienced during deployments, be it facing alone a life-threatening situation such as a heart attack or home invasion; receiving a call informing them of their husband's injuries; or holding the sobbing, suicidal wife next-door in their arms after she's received word of her husband's death.

What's a couple to do with so much hurt? Quite simply, take it to the cross. While some post-deployment conditions might seem too much for a marriage to bear, remember: You are your spouse's helpmate, a vessel of God's mercy chosen especially for him. You and your spouse don't have to journey alone. You have God, and you have each other. If the way was impassable, He wouldn't have brought you to it. And when you can't carry your spouse or yourself, He'll carry both of you.

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