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Erin Prater

Your Time Apart – Making it Through and Back

Here are some tips for thriving during, and after, your spouse’s absence.

Fifteen Months Apart

When my husband deployed, my world fell apart. But God pieced me — and us — back together, stronger than ever.

Shown from behind, a lone woman sitting at the edge of a dock overlooking a lake with mountains on the horizon

Absorbing the Initial Shock of Temporary Separation

You need to confront the what-ifs and how-tos before the separation to lessen the worry.

husband and wife saying goodbye in airport

Dealing With Physical Distance in Marriage

When we marry, few of us picture spending extended amounts of time away from our mate. Then reality sets in.

single flame illustration

Fanning the Flame From Afar

Eight practical tips for keeping close to your spouse despite the fact you are miles apart

Black and white close up of a stethoscope lying curled up on a bedsheet

When Reality Sets In

Few things in life test wedding vows like chronic illness.

man firefighter with firefighter gear around him

Your First Responder Marriage: An At-Risk Relationship

First responder marriages face the same challenges as civilian marriages, plus an entirely unique set.

Preparing for Your Time Apart

You might not feel like planning, but a little inconvenience now can save a lot of heartache later.

God’s Promises to Service Members and Spouses

God’s promises are solid and surprisingly applicable to military life.

Close up of a pile of empty prescription pill bottles

Weak Body, Strong Bond

‘God calls you to give yourself, to deny yourself, to be other-person oriented, and you can find life in it.’

TLC for the First Responder Marriage

All relationships take work, but your first responder marriage may make the Jones’ look like a coffee-fetching “internship.”

Chronic Illness in Marriage

Nothing quite assists a spouse in understanding his or her role of helpmate like a chronic illness.

Two kids having a pillow fight

Your Time Apart: Making it Through and Back

The goodbye is over — good for you! You’ve made it through what was most likely the toughest moment of your time apart. The next thing you have to look forward to? The reunion! Here are some tips for making it from the moment after goodbye through the …

Wife holds sick husband's hand in hospital

In Sickness and in Health: Tips for Coping With a Diagnosis

When your spouse is diagnosed with a chronic illness, you begin to realize that your life, your spouse’s life and your marriage will never again be the same.

Ben Woody: Firefighter, EMT and Husband

Marriages have tough times regardless of a spouse’s career choice.

Grief, Goodbyes and God

The author describes her personal story of triumph over the pain of a military deployment.

New Challenges, New Normal

Upon returning home from deployment, it’s typical for service members to feel out of sorts.

Thirty-Three Months at War

‘I’m not ashamed of my experiences because I know … I’ll be able to use what I’ve been through to help and bless another. …’

When They Leave Home

When They Leave Home

When it is time for your child to leave home, goodbyes are never easy.

Coming Out of “Parenting Retirement”

Your son or daughter may have left home, but don’t forget that once a parent, always a parent.

Mom and young adult daughter sitting, holding hands, and having heart-to-heart talk

Ministering to the Prodigal Son (or Daughter)

How do you parent in the face of some interesting (and possibly foolish) decisions on the part of your child?

Story: Leaving for College

Letting go wasn’t easy for Phil and Cheri Straw. It became even harder when their college-bound daughter changed career plans.

Thriving in Your Second Half of Life

Feeling overwhelmed by your new parenting role? Sifting through your mixed emotions might reveal some practical answers.

What Is a Hedge?

What’s a hedge? And why would you want one in your marriage?

Building Hedges Around Your Marriage

A hedge is a protective investment that will help your relationship to flourish like never before.

hedge green plants

What Will You Gain From Building a Marital Hedge?

Building and protecting a strong relationship may sound a bit like getting a root canal. But is it really?

Couple smiling head to head with trees in background

How to Build and Maintain a Hedge

These simple steps can make a world of difference in your marriage.