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Hope for Parents of Premature Babies

Air Date 02/17/2017

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Blogger and author Kayla Aimee discusses her experience with giving birth to her micro preemie daughter who was born at 25 weeks, and describes how, in the midst of her fears for her baby's survival, her faith and marriage were strengthened.

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Kayla Aimee

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Kayla Aimee is a writer with a poignant but humorous storytelling style that has established her as an influential faith and family blogger whose work has been featured on the TODAY Show, HLN and The Huffington Post, as well as several other national media outlets. As the mother of a 25 week micro preemie, Kayla is passionate about sharing stories of embracing hope in motherhood and offering support to parents. She is the author of Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected, a must-read book for anyone who needs a little encouragement and laughter in their day. Kayla and her husband reside in northern Georgia with their two young children. Learn more about Kayla by visiting her website,