Brio Magazine Is Back!

As a parent, grandparent or mentor of a teen girl, you know culture bombards her with messages about her body, fashion, relationships, values and faith. But you've taught her biblical truths about loving God, valuing others, the importance of modesty and how she is wonderfully made. Continue your influence in her life by providing Brio magazine on a regular basis!

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Brio is a relevant magazine for your teen girl that reinforces the values you’ve taught her. It's produced by Focus on the Family, a ministry you've always trusted, and provides inspiring stories, fashion insights, fun profiles and practical tips all from a Christian perspective.

Don’t let the culture define her. We’ll help her define the culture
and discover the extraordinary person God created her to be!

In each issue, girls will be encouraged to:

  • grow in their faith with daily Bible readings.

  • develop healthy relationships with friends, parents, siblings and boys.

  • embrace healthy, Christ-honoring choices around fashion and media.

Make a small investment today that will yield a lifetime impact on your daughter’s faith. Let us help you nurture your daughter into an incredible young woman of God!

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