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Bob and Linda Lotich

Bob Lotich is a financial coach married to Linda, a butterfly-chasing high-performance spender. Their new book Simple Money, Rich Life is the operating manual they (a middle-class couple) followed to pay off over $400k of debt and reach a personal goal of giving $1 million by age 40. For the last 14 years they’ve shared their best lessons with over 50 million readers and listeners on their award-winning blog, and SeedTime Money Podcast.

Christmas on a budget, this little blonde boy is playing with a car

Christmas on a Budget: 9 Easy Money-Saving Holiday Tips

This could be your best Christmas ever.

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Finding Financial Freedom Together as a Couple

Bob and Linda Lotich provide valuable advice on how to learn to be on the same team when it comes to managing money. They also discuss how to navigate conflict that can come about because of differing money personalities.