Bob Bruder-Mattson

Bob Bruder-Mattson

Bob Bruder-Mattson is the President and CEO of FaithBridge Foster Care, the largest Georgia-based and Christ-centered child placement agency in the state. His more than 30 years of leadership over a variety of organizations includes the American Cancer Society and Bluewater Nonprofit Solutions, Inc., which he cofounded. He and his wife Sue have been married 37 years and have three grown daughters and one son-in-law.

couple preparing to become foster parents

Becoming A Foster Parent: Preparing Phase

After Sue and I graduated from college and got married, I landed a great job in the publishing industry. I thought my college days were over. Little did I know that God had other plans for our lives. Plans that involved more schooling to prepare us for …

family considering foster care

The Considering Phase: Are We Cut Out For This?

The trajectory of my life changed forever when my 18-year-old, unwed birth mother came to know Jesus Christ as her savior. She didn’t have the resources or family support to raise me. Knowing this, her pastor helped her make the loving choice to termin …