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Bob Waliszewski

Bob Waliszewski is director of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In department, which features the Plugged In Online Web site, The site provides up-to-date reviews of new movie releases and information on the hottest music, television, DVDs and video games impacting popular youth culture.

Marital Fidelity in a Social-Media World

For thousands of years, husbands and wives have been making bad decisions. But today, enticements often come with a new twist because of the anonymity and accessibility that come with social media.

Boy holds remote control at family watches TV together

Family Media Commitment

Consider taking a pledge as a family to honor God with your entertainment choices.

Setting Media Standards

The point is to maintain your family’s values without alienating your kids.

Instill Biblical Principles for Entertainment

The Bible is full of passages to help us navigate the culture. How can you help your children think biblically about topics like entertainment?

Encourage Positive Entertainment Alternatives

Discuss as a family what constitutes suitable positive and neutral entertainment — and how to find those types.

Talk Your Way Through Conflict

Disagreements can be healthy. Your whole family can grow closer by dealing thoughtfully and lovingly with media-related differences of opinion.

children watch media and entertainment

The Influence of Media

the power of today’s media and entertainment to negatively sway human behavior should be a cause of concern.

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When You Feel Hopeless

Teens facing despair and struggling with thoughts of suicide will find hope in this article, as well as learn how to handle the intense feelings they’re experiencing.