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Candice Z. Watters

Candice Watters was the founding editor of Boundless Webzine for Focus on the Family. She is now a freelance writer and editor.

Not All Stories Are Created Equal

With so many children’s books available, it’s hard to know where to begin. Consider these principles when deciding which books are appropriate for your child.

Focus on the Family

Kids Can Be Good for Marriage, Really

Yes, having children will change your marriage, but you can trust that God designed your marriage to grow and deepen through that change.

A pregnant woman sits next to a man holding a pair of baby shoes.

Getting On the Same Page About Kids

Do you and your spouse have different beliefs about starting your family – about when to get started or whether to have children at all?

A couple holds a baby's onesie as they stand together.

Preparing to Start a Family

Couples who arrive at a shared vision and a purposeful approach to starting a family are able to experience greater joy in their marriages and in their future roles as parents.

Timing Matters When Having Kids

Your timeline for having kids is important. It is worthy of careful prayer, but not hypercare.

Why Have Kids?

“Why have kids?” That’s a question couples are increasingly prone to ask.

Focus on the Family

When to Settle

What’s needed is a new, objective standard for what makes a good match, because there are some non-negotiables for choosing a mate.

Your City or Mine?

What you decide will change at least one of your lives in dramatic way. But as important is how you decide.

Focus on the Family

Is There One Man for Me?

The only real requirement Scripture gives for a marriage partner is that we be equally yoked.

The back window of a car reads Just Married

Prep for the Wedding Night

A little preparation before the wedding will go a long way.

Focus on the Family

Choosing a Family Hobby

How to choose a hobby that the whole family can enjoy

Focus on the Family

I Never Knew You, Still I Love You

One woman’s story of her grieving period when she miscarried.