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Help provide unique resources to families hurt by the pandemic!

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$1.3 Million Matching Opportunity

Help provide unique resources to families hurt by the pandemic!

Click Here to Double Your Gift

Yes, DOUBLE MY GIFT to help families!

$1.3 Million Matching Opportunity

Help provide unique resources to families hurt by the pandemic!

Click Here to Double Your Gift

Yes, Double my gift to help families!

Carol Cuppy

Carol Cuppy

Carol Cuppy is a content producer for Focus on the Family.

Breaking the Cycle of Absent Fathers

Breaking the Cycle of Absent Fathers

You don’t have to make the same choices in life that your father did. You can use your life story as a springboard to another path. You can choose how to write the next chapters in your story. Make the choice for the cycle of absent fathers to end with you.

Dad Leaving His Family

Why Did My Dad Leave Me?

While you may never know the reason that your father left you, there is one thing you can be absolutely sure of: You have a Heavenly Father who loves you and will never leave you or forsake you.

Mom and Daughter Spending Time Together

Kids Desire Our Presence, Not Our Perfection

Years from now, your kids won’t remember if you had all the dishes done or if you contributed to every bake sale. But they will remember the times you spent together and how it brought joy to their heart.

Family Dancing in Living Room

Perfectly Imperfect: Being the Mom God Created You to Be

The world may tell us that we need to live up to certain expectations of perfection. God’s expectations look entirely different. It’s important that, as mothers, we focus on His ideals of perfection in our lives, and not the world’s. Focusing on Him can bring us peace and direction as we mother our children.

Dad taking a mental health break

Turtle Time: Mental Health Breaks During Coronavirus

Be aware of your own feelings. Notice when you are annoyed or overwhelmed and are becoming angry. Once you are aware, choose to take a break and deal with your emotions before you try to deal with your child’s emotions.

Showing Love to Neighbors

10 Ways Your Family Can Show Love to Neighbors During Coronavirus

Check in regularly with your neighbors to make sure they are doing well and see if they need any assistance. Be a willing listener to their stories; sometimes they might not have anyone else to talk to.

Anxiety in Parenting

Overcoming Anxiety in Parenting

Overcoming anxiety is something that we as parents must be intentional about. We must be purposeful in practicing how to focus on the present rather than uncertainty about the future.

Family playing games together

50 Games and Activities to Do With Your Kids

Playing games and doing activities with our kids is a fantastic opportunity to connect with them.

Family Having Dinner

50 Questions to Ask Your Kids at the Dinner Table

Having conversations with our kids is critical for building a solid foundation of trust, demonstrating steadfast love, and teaching them how to grow as a young person. These 50 questions to ask your kids are a great starting point for conversations around the dinner table.

Child listening through headphones

The Importance of Auditory Learning

Kids do not need to be auditory learners in order to benefit from this learning style. In fact, most kids tend to absorb knowledge in a variety of different ways. Weaving auditory learning into our kids’ learning is an excellent way to help them grow and thrive.

Keeping Your Kids Healthy Year Round

Washing your hands early and often, along with these other practical tips, will help prevent the spread of illness, and will help keep your family healthy.

Teaching Kids Media Discernment will help them make wise choices

Protecting Our Kids from Harmful Entertainment

One way to protect our kids from watching harmful things is to restrict which shows are watched by using parental controls on content streaming services. Here is a list of the top 5 streaming services and how to set up parental controls on each.

Reading to Child

5 Positive Effects Reading Has on Child Development

There are few things better than cuddling up with your child and a good book.

Power outlet on fire

The Outlet Challenge – Kids and Dangerous Social Media Challenges

Parents need to be aware of dangerous social media challenges – such as the new Outlet Challenge – and should take steps to minimize the impact on their kids.

Defenses keep the castle safe.

Keeping the Castle Safe: Home Network Protection & Your Kids

Criminals no longer need to break down the front door and walk into your house to have access to your bank accounts, medical records, even your family photos. They merely need to gain access to your technology. If your castle is not properly defended, these enemies can break in and conquer your kingdom in the blink of an eye.

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