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Clem Boyd

Clem Boyd has worked as an advertising copywriter, healthcare PR person and an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor. His stories have appeared in Focus on the Family magazine and a number of its sister publications, including Christianity Today, Christian Parenting Today, Plain Truth, Sports Spectrum and others.

When Adult Children Reject the Faith

What do you do when you realize your adult child has not made a commitment to God?

Focus on the Family

Build Relationship With Your Child

When our children go out on their own, having landed their first job and signed a lease for their first apartment, we hope that we have trained them to: respect authority, think for themselves, drive a car, hold a job, make dinner, pay bills and carry …

man and women hugging each other on wooden dock

Taking the ‘I’ Out of Marriage

Selflessness is not a marriage strategy but a heart transformation in Christ.