Dickson Mully

Dickson Mully is Director of Sustainability and Procurement for Mully Children’s Family (MCF), a ministry that rescues and rehabilitates abandoned orphan children in Kenya and surrounding countries. In his role, Dickson manages 700 acres of agricultural land and the exportation of vegetables to the Netherlands in order to raise money for the 2,400 children under the care of MCF. He also manages the purchasing of food, clothing and other items for the children, and provides experienced leadership for more than a 1,000 workers in the organization’s sustainability department.

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Heeding God’s Call in Faith

Dickson Mully’s family was living in an African desert, with hundreds of children to feed, and no clean water. On today’s broadcast, he tells his inspiring story of miraculously discovering water some 10 feet underground – an amazing find that would help transform thousands of lives.