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Dr. Wayde Goodall

Dr. Goodall has written and co-authored 14 books, including; Success KillsWhy Great Men FallConflict Management for Church LeadersMarriage and FamilyThe Fruit of the SpiritThe ChoiceThe BlessingThe Battle, and Back to the Word.  Many of which are translated into several languages.  His latest book, Success Kills: Sidestep the Snares that will Steal Your Dreams, was released in 2009. Another of his books, called Marriage and Family has been translated into 15 languages. Marriage and Family is currently in approximately two million Chinese homes. Wayde’s book Why Great Men Fall is utilized extensively by Focus on the Family, men’s ministries, staff training, and secular organizations.  His new book on Christian Counseling will be finished in fall 2011. Wayde has been featured on two recent Focus on the Family radio broadcasts on the topic of Why Great Men Fall.  He is also the creator of the Enrichment Journal, a clergy magazine that has received “Best Clergy Magazine” award from the Evangelical Press Association.

Photo of three crosses at Calvary, backlit by the sun.

The Powerful Message and Meaning of Easter for Pastors

Pastor friend: You and I have a life with real meaning—not emptiness or the feeling of being lost. Everyone wants to discover truth, meaning, and a deep sense of peace.

Happy volunteer looking at donation box on a sunny day

Supporting Volunteers While Social Distancing

Even though you might not physically see your volunteers during COVID-19, they are most certainly there. Always, always, always keep the communication lines open.

Senior Asian man sleeping on couch feeling sick and migraine from tired and health problems

Encouraging the Pandemic-Weary Pastor

COVID-19 has been a significant challenge for all of us. The certainties of life and the foundations we’ve depended on have vanished, or at least been rocked. Dr. Wayde Goodall encourages pastors to be as innovative as possible to create ways to communicate and remind their congregations that Jesus Christ is our foundation.

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Helping Your Church Survive Financially and Emotionally

Even during a pandemic, church leaders can have a significant impact on the lives of their congregants by being wise stewards of both technology and finances.

New Opportunities for Pastoral Growth

New paths for growth in pastoral ministry require new methods, new tactics, and new ground. Stretching and growing is never comfortable but is essential for healthy churches to flourish.

Overcoming Barriers That Stunt Our Growth

Barriers for growth are an every day occurrence in the life of a church. How can pastors and church leaders become a healthy church and begin to break down these walls that are stunting their growth?

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Developing Healthy Relationships by Listening

When we listen, we desire to hear the other person’s opinion, to sense the person’s heart, and to understand him or her. God listens to us, and we can develop our ability to hear those around us.

The Stumbo family: Andy and Ellen

Protecting the Call God has Placed on You

The Christian pastor is in a real battle with one who seeks the destruction of everything God has built in the local church. Today, marriages are in crisis, discouragement abounds and it seems like the enemy is gaining ground. We have to protect the calling which God has given us with everything we have.