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Early Years Authors

Articles by “Family Stages: Early Years” are shorter articles that have been compiled by the Focus on the Family Thriving Family editors on a single topic.

Encourage Their Faith

Get a number of ideas about how to help your child’s budding faith grow every day.

Moving With Young Kids

Practical tips for moving with little ones and making the transition easier for them.

Early Learning Fun

Parents can begin early learning activities with their toddlers as part of everyday play.

New Dad Bonding

Don’t panic, if you’re a new dad! You will bond and feel more at ease with their new little one, in time.

When Parents Compare Kids

Comparing a child’s development isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when parents become competitive, the result can be troublesome.

How to Get Kids to Care for and Be Kind to Your Pets

Train your kids to be gentle with and caring for pets from a young age.

Calming Childhood Fears

When your child is frightened, he will look to you for emotional cues. Consider how other parents have worked with their children regarding childhood fears.