Gary Smalley

Gary Smalley (deceased) was a best-selling, award-winning author, a popular public speaker and a renowned family relationship expert. He was the founder and president of the Smalley Institute, which provides practical relationship help through conferences, resources and counseling. Gary passed away on March 6, 2016, at age 75. He is survived by his wife, Norma, their three children and several grandchildren. Learn more about Gary, his ministry and resources by visiting the Smalley Institute’s website.

Marriage Notes: How do I truly forgive?

You might think you’ve forgiven your spouse, but true forgiveness comes with a sense of peace. And the ability to forgive others — and yourself — only comes from God.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

Helping Kids Hide God’s Word in Their Hearts

In remembrance of Gary Smalley, we present this recorded interview in which the best-selling author and relationship expert explains how parents can help their children internalize the truths of the Bible.

Remember How It All Began

Few things prepare your children for success more than growing up with a mom and dad who thoroughly enjoy each other. They need you and your spouse to be great parents and great lovers.

Christian woman practicing self-care by reading a book on a wooden porch

You Can’t Give To Others What You Don’t Already Have

The great commandment teaches that self-care is not selfish — it’s actually foundational to a healthy marriage.

Parents: Protect Your Child’s Heart by Guarding Your Own

Every parent needs a deliberate, strategic and measurable plan to guard his or her child’s heart.

Four Key Beliefs From Scripture

Learning these four biblical principles will help you reap the wonderful consequences of a much closer walk with God and harmony with others.

How to Bless Your Child

Learn about the actions and attitudes involved in giving your child a blessing.

Strengthen Your Child’s Faith With Scripture

The life that Christ promised is what we all want for our children. I want to help you teach your children to memorize and meditate on Scripture as a part of their everyday lives.

Do You Have a Plan?

How have you prepared your children for the attacks of Satan? Do you have a written plan to protect your children?

A Written Blessing

Here is why you should write down your blessing for your children, and how to compose a written blessing to affirm them.

Memorize and Meditate

Find creative ways to make Scripture memorization fun. Here are some tips about times and ways to help your family memorize.

Mother have a happy engagement on sofa

Finding the Best Solution to Any Conflict

Avoid power struggles by getting on the same team as your teen.

woman's hand resting on man's hand with wedding bands

Meaningful Touch in Marriage

The same need for meaningful touching we see with our children is equally important in a marriage.

Husband and wife on wedding day

An Active Commitment to Your Mate

What every man or woman owes his or her spouse is the willingness to stay committed, even if the other person fumbles the ball.

Picturing a Special Future for Your Spouse

Our mate needs to hear positive words that picture a special future in the same way that our children do.

Giving the Blessing to Your Spouse

The five elements of the blessing are not just limited to the parent/child relationship. Let’s look at how the blessing can and should be given to a spouse.

silhouette of couples sitting by a tree

A Spoken Message/Attaching High Value to a Spouse

When we decide to place high value on our spouse, and then back that up with spoken words, it can do wonders for a relationship.