Jamaal Williams

Jamaal Williams has been the lead pastor of Sojourn Church Midtown since January 2016. Before receiving the call to Sojourn, he pastored Forest Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky from 2008–2015. Jamaal received his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, his master’s from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his doctorate, also from Southern, in Black Church Leadership. Jamaal is happily married to Amber, and they are the parents of five beautiful children.

How to Deal With a Joy Thief

Joyless people are miserable people. They haven’t tasted and seen that the Lord is good. They haven’t yet learned that it’s through our times of suffering that the Lord often does his best work. I have been in a joyless place, and chances are you have, too.

Keeping Your Bible Study Full of Life

Maybe your heart is in a cold state and the Bible isn’t fresh to you. We can easily begin to see it as a Book to preach rather than one that feeds our soul.

an older boy hugging a baby and laughing

Serving Your Spouse During the Dark Seasons of the Soul

Dealing with depression and anxiety can be a difficult battle. How do you help your spouse walk through the dark nights and the uncertainty faced in those times where anxiety will not end?

Aim to be Faithful, Not Famous

Pastoral ministry comes with some pitfalls we may not always be aware of. What happens when we’re thrust onto a platform we’re not ready to take on? Pastor Jamaal Williams teaches us to make our whole life about making Christ famous, not ourselves.