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Jason Weber

Jason Weber wants to live in a world where people build great things together rather than good things by themselves, and where there is more than enough for children and families in foster care.  Jason has helped to write and produce several books, bible studies, and other tools all created to serve churches as they care for hurting kids.  He is the author of the new book Until There’s More Than Enough: Working Together to Transform Foster Care Where You Live and is the host ofthe brand new More Than Enough Podcast.  Jason serves as the CAFO National Director of Foster Care Initiatives and currently lives in Plano Texas with his wife, Trisha, and their five kids.   To learn more, visit

twin sisters adopted from foster care

More Than Enough: Foster Care Movement

When my wife, Trisha, and I signed up to be foster parents 20 years ago, we were in our mid-twenties and had never parented before.  As you would expect, there was a lot of paperwork to fill out. One particular form that is common in foster care a …