Dr. Juli Slattery

Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery is a clinical psychologist, a public speaker, and the author of 10 books. She is also the president and co-founder of Authentic Intimacy, a ministry devoted to reclaiming God’s design for sexuality. Prior to starting Authentic Intimacy, Juli served at Focus on the Family from 2008-2012 as a writer, teacher and co-host of the Focus on the Family Broadcast. She currently hosts the weekly podcast, “Java with Juli.” She and her husband, Mike, have three sons and reside in Ohio.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

Equipping Christians to Understand Sexuality

Psychologist and author Dr. Juli Slattery explains how the Christian view of sex has been subtly and negatively influenced by our culture, and urges us all to gain a proper understanding of God’s design for sexuality, especially so that we can help bring about God’s restoration in the lives of non-believers who are struggling with the consequences of sexual brokenness.

Why I Care About Your Sex Life … And So Should You

Healthy sexual intimacy correlates with an overall strong relationship. But it’s about more than you and your spouse having a good time in bed. It is a central aspect of a holy metaphor.

Sex Is a Physical Need

A man’s sexuality has a tremendous impact on his emotional, marital and spiritual well-being.

God’s Design for Sex and Why it Matters

Learn how to share Jesus’ love with those who’ve experienced the pain of sexual brokenness! Slattery places our sexuality in the broader context of God’s heart and work for us on earth; offers a framework for seeing the whole picture instead of focusing on one problem; and provides practical steps to implementing sexual discipleship.

Speaking Highly of Your Husband

A wife can talk about and treat her husband as either an incompetent dad or a wonderful father. Are you willing to frame your husband as a “hero” to your kids?

Sex Is a Creative Process

Most marriages experience some obstacle in physical intimacy. But the Lord asks you and me to view sex as a gift of creating. Just like a LEGO set, the joy is found in building.

‘Working Out’ My Faith

How might your walk with the Lord change if you took spiritual discipline seriously for 90 days? Your most important work, really your only work, is to be a worshiper and lover of the almighty God.

Working Moms Need Friends, Too

Mothers who work outside the home need friendships with other women.

The ‘Good Enough’ Mom

Supermom doesn’t exist! But “good enough” do.

Java with Juli: Priorities in Marriage

Engaging in productive and even spiritual activities can ultimately take us away from the higher calling of being a wife. Here are three ways to keep your marriage a priority in during busy times.

Java with Juli: Fighting Fair

All couples disagree at times — money, in-laws, sex, the laundry. Conflict seems to be a necessary evil in marriage. But did you know that how you fight is more important than what you fight about?

Java With Juli: Love Your Husband by Loving Your Mother-in-Law

By building a good relationship with your husband’s mom, you can show your husband that you love him. Here are some ways you can reach out to your mother-in-law and create a peaceful family bond.

Christmas Expectations

The best gift you can give each other is the gift of grace. Extending grace begins with prayer and intentionally communicating about your expectations, anxieties and hopes for this holiday season.

Are You Looking for the Hero in Your Husband?

Wives have the power to frame husbands as either failures or as heroes. Every choice, every word, every response has the potential to build or to tear down.

Torn Between Being a Wife & a Mom

Almost every married mom can relate to the dilemma of whether to spend time with the kids or time with her husband. There’s angst when they feel like they have to choose between those they love.

Talking With Your Teen About Sexual Behavior

Addressing concerns and clarifying sexual behavior with your teen.

Teens Exposed to Pornography

Equip your teen to deal with the temptation and peer pressure related to pornography.

Healthy Cellphone Boundaries

Consider all the facts before you allow your kids to have a cellphone.

Enjoying Intimacy as a Newlywed

Psychologist and author Dr. Juli Slattery offers advice to newlywed couples for overcoming and avoiding common challenges to sexual intimacy.

Optimistic Love

When you look at marriage from a new perspective, you can see the miracle of a spouse who knows you inside and out, yet still loves you. You can view imperfections as a priceless exhibition of God’s grace.

Newlywed Sex: How will you respond to the challenges you’ll be facing?

Sexual oneness is more than naked bodies touching; it eventually demands that your love is tested and shared with vulnerability and ultimate intimacy.

Baggage in the Bedroom

True healing occurs when sexual baggage is no longer ignored but is understood and integrated into the larger truths of who you are and who God is.

Rekindling Intimacy

Sexual intimacy can be complicated. Most couples bring some kind of baggage into marriage. Reclaim and redeem the beautiful gift of sexual intimacy in your marriage.

Exposing the Lure of Romance and Erotica (Part 2 of 2)

Dr. Juli Slattery and author Dannah Gresh talk about the cultural fascination with erotica that’s been largely spawned by the popular novel and now movie Fifty Shades of Grey and other sexually explicit media. Our guests explain why such material especially appeals to women, and the danger it poses to marriage and families. (Part 2 of 2)

Exposing the Lure of Romance and Erotica (Part 1 of 2)

Dr. Juli Slattery and author Dannah Gresh talk about the cultural fascination with erotica that’s been largely spawned by the popular novel and now movie Fifty Shades of Grey and other sexually explicit media. Our guests explain why such material especially appeals to women, and the danger it poses to marriage and families. (Part 1 of 2)

Pursuing Passion in Your Marriage (Part 2 of 2)

Psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery and author Linda Dillow address common questions women have about God’s design for sex and describe how wives can enjoy greater intimacy in their marriage. (Part 2 of 2)

Pursuing Passion in Your Marriage (Part 1 of 2)

Psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery and author Linda Dillow address common questions women have about God’s design for sex and describe how wives can enjoy greater intimacy in their marriage. (Part 1 of 2)

Focus on the Family

Why Women Are Drawn to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Discover five basic longings in a woman’s heart — and how the counterfeit fulfillment of those longings can be dangerous.

Focus on the Family

Black and White vs. Shades of Grey

If God’s Word is clear about some basic black-and-white sexual issues, what’s a believer to do with the shades of grey that are redefining sex in our culture?

Focus on the Family

Mommy Porn

Just as pornographic images have the potential to ruin a man’s ability to love in real life, so too, a written form of pornography has the potential to ruin a woman’s ability to love in real life.

Focus on the Family

Finding Freedom from Erotica

How can you break free from the entrapment of erotica? Here are five steps.

Erotica, Women and Marriage

We may stereotypically think of sexual temptation as a man’s problem, but women are not immune to the lure of romance depicted in new and graphic forms of entertainment.

Focus on the Family

Intimacy Requires Effort – and Creativity

Perhaps you have been surprised, even disappointed, to find that sex isn’t the ready-made gift you were anticipating. It takes a lot of effort – and a bit of creativity – to make it work.

Your Husband’s Sex Drive Is God’s Gift to You

Your husband’s sexuality was designed for your pleasure and intimacy.

Focus on the Family

Intimacy Requires Vulnerability

For emotional intimacy to grow, each partner must be willing to meet the other’s deepest needs and protect the other’s greatest vulnerability.

What Is ‘Normal’ Sexual Desire?

Every couple has a unique sexual relationship. Accept yours for what it is and enjoy working toward wholeness as a couple. You can have a very fulfilling sex life even though you may not be functioning like the average married couple.

The Impact of Pornography on Marital Sex

One of the devastating effects of pornography and other sexually explicit material is that it sabotages the ability to enjoy normal sex.

Sex Is a Spiritual Need

If you’re married, your husband depends on you to be his partner in his battle against sexual temptation.

Focus on the Family

How Do Aging and Illness Affect a Man’s Sex Drive?

Although a diminishing sex life may be disappointing for you as a wife, it’s potentially devastating for your husband.

So, What’s the Holdup?

More important than giving your husband frequent sex is a commitment to embrace sexual intimacy in your marriage.

couple hugging

Sex Is an Emotional Need

Male sexuality is a central part of who he is as both a man and a husband.

Focus on the Family

Sex Is a Relational Need

The lack of regular sex is a significant barrier to emotional connectedness and intimacy for men.

When Your Husband Isn’t Interested in Sex

Almost all marriages go through periods when the man has a lower sex drive than his wife. While these periods are disconcerting or frustrating, they pale in comparison to the pain and conflict caused when this is a couple’s consistent pattern of sexual intimacy.

Bucking the Entitlement Trend

Do your teens have unrealistic expectations of what they deserve? If so, you may be training them to feel entitled. Break this parenting habit of giving them privileges without responsibility.

Focus on the Family

Understanding His Sexuality

Your husband doesn’t want you to have sex with him because you feel guilty; he wants you to want to be with him!

Focus on the Family

Emotional and Relational Barriers to Sex

You cannot underestimate how injurious it can be for your husband to find himself unable to perform sexually or to become the victim of a nonexistent libido.

Focus on the Family

Addressing Unmet Sexual Needs

One of the keys to growing beyond the frustration you now feel is learning to accept the many ways your husband is likely showing you love.

Focus on the Family

Great Sex Doesn’t Just Happen

Without effort, time and attention, sex can easily and quickly become mundane and predictable and can even turn into a dreaded necessity to place on the ‘to-do’ list.

Understanding Your Husband’s Sexual Needs

Time and culture have changed the venues of expression, yet the power of a man’s sex drive has remained a constant force of both intimacy and destruction.

Focus on the Family

Sex Does Not Define Your Marriage

Friendship, seasoned love, and shared history are often enough to maintain a marriage in which sex is no longer possible.

Intimacy and Sex: How Men and Women are Different — and Why

Although couples often argue about sex, they rarely talk about it. Try to talk and pray together about your sex life at least once a month so you can learn each other’s perspectives and improve intimacy.

Developing a Healthy Sexual Relationship

If you want a deeply satisfying sex life, you must become a student of your spouse.

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