Karis Kimmel Murray

Karis Kimmel Murray is the author of Grace Based Discipline and Creative Director of Family Matters, a ministry founded by her parents, best-selling authors Dr. Tim and Mrs. Darcy Kimmel. Karis writes and speaks for Family Matters as a voice to the next generation of parents, and is the co-host of The Family Matters Minute, a nationally syndicated radio segment heard by millions of listeners every weekday. Karis resides in Arizona with her husband, Mike, and their two teenage daughters.

Disciplining Your Kids With Grace

Karis Kimmel Murray offers parents advice for effectively handling their kids’ misbehavior in a discussion based on her book, Grace Based Discipline: How to Be at Your Best When Your Kids Are at Their Worst.

Young African American girl enjoying time with her mother

3 Practical Principles for Disciplining With Grace

Seeking to parent our children the way God parents us can dramatically change the atmosphere of our home.

Focus on the Family

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