Karla Akins

Karla Akins is an 8th grade special education teacher and a writer whose work has been published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Happy Sis Magazine. She has authored several history books for home schoolers and a book titled A Pair of Miracles, which is her account of raising her twin sons with autism. She has also written a novel called The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots. Karla and her husband, Eddie, reside in northeast Indiana with their twin adult sons with autism and her mother-in-law. Learn more about Karla at her website, karlaakins.com.

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Embracing God’s Unique Design for Autism

Karla Akins discusses the joys and challenges she’s experienced in raising twin sons with autism, offering hope and encouragement to parents of autistic children.

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Caring for Adult Children With Autism (And How You Can Help)

There are many great autism success stories. But while my adult twins are miracles indeed, they are also among those with autism who cannot care for or live by themselves. A crisis is not just looming for these families; it’s already here.