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Katie Overstreet

Katie Overstreet serves as the program director for the Adoption & Orphan Care Initiative at Focus on the Family. The program’s primary objectives are to raise awareness of and recruit families for waiting kids in foster care, as well as provide post-placement resources for adoptive families. In her role, Katie is able to live out her passion for helping children as she oversees implementation of these efforts.

Focus on the Family

Adoption: What Helps and What Doesn’t

Well-meaning people can make statements that cause hurt to the child, adoptive parents and birth mother.

Focus on the Family

Preparing for Adoption

The more information a couple has when pursuing adoption, the more prepared they will be for any problems that may surface.

Focus on the Family

Adoption From Foster Care

Although many children in foster care have special needs, they are in need of a family as much as any waiting child.

Focus on the Family

Adoption Options

Adoption options include domestic foster care, domestic infant, international, open, closed and embryo.

Adopting Children

Adoption has to be focused on the needs of the kids rather than the needs and desires of the adults.

Focus on the Family

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