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Larry Fowler

Larry Fowler is the founder of the Legacy Coalition, a former executive director of global training for Awana Clubs International and the author of Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers.

Grandparents are uniquely positioned to share their faith with their grandkids

7 Essentials For Grandparenting Your Grandkids

Passing on faith to our grandkids is our duty before God. He commands us as grandparents to teach two generations, not just one.

Picture of grandmother, grandfather, and granddaughter

Celebrate Christmas With Your Grandkids

No matter your family’s relationships or structure, you can share your faith with your grandkids at Christmas. Here’s how.

Studying the Bible as a Family

Have you relied wholly on the church to teach your kids Scripture? God says that’s your job as their parent. Here how you can help your children learn about God’s Word.