Mandi Hart

Mandi Hart

Mandi is an author, speaker, and mother.  She’s written several books including Parenting World Changers and Courage in the Fire.  Mandi regularly writes and speaks on issues relating to families and living a courageous life.  She is passionate about seeing women thrive, in all areas of their lives. Mandi believes that what happens in our souls affects our bodies. We take care of ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Healthy individuals, healthy marriages, and families lead to healthy communities.

She also speaks on the radio on the subjects of parenting and courageous living.  Having hosted many parenting courses, Mandi has a passion for encouraging healthy and whole individuals & families.
Mandi lives in Stellenbosch, South Africa, together with her husband and two children. They love the nations of the world and follow where Jesus leads them.

In her spare time, Mandi enjoys running through the vineyards, spending time on the beach, and connecting deeply as a family. She and her husband enjoy friends, good food, and great coffee.

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