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Matt Bell

Matt is a full-time biblical money management writer and speaker, serving as managing editor at Sound Mind Investing (, a Christian company founded in 1990 that helps people invest successfully in order to provide for their family’s long-term needs and support God’s work in the world. Matt also writes his own blog ( and speaks at churches, universities, conferences, and other venues throughout the country. 

Team of men and women sitting around a table exemplifying the biblical view of work, which is others centered

What Does It Mean to Have a Biblical View of Work?

For all of us, the fruits of our labor can be used for the good of those around us.

Small little girl sharing her teddy bear-generosity

Practicing Generosity as a Family

Money can have a strong hold over us. Giving it away breaks that hold.

teaching our kids to manage money, this little boy with a piggy bank and a big smile is learning to manage his money.

Let’s Help Our Kids Manage Money Well

“As a young person, I didn’t realize the impact that early financial habits would have on my future,” says the author in this book excerpt. Join him on a journey of personal discovery and learn about practical and biblical lessons for wise money management.

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God-Honoring Money Habits for Kids

Matt Bell explains how parents can teach their children to budget, tithe, save, invest and serve with the money they have at an age-appropriate level.

Photo of a girl holding money over three different jars labeled "give" "save" "spend"

Wise to Save, Blessed to Give

Teaching children biblical principles, is especially important when it comes to how they handle money.