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Matthew D. Turvey

Matthew D. Turvey, Psy.D., LP, is the Director of Strategic Alliances for Life Innovations, a company specializing in marriage and family relationship assessment and enrichment. He is a licensed psychologist with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to joining Life Innovations, he held positions with the Smalley Relationship Center, MarriageToday and in private practice. He is the author of several articles in numerous publications on marriage and family topics. He currently resides outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. He has been married to Nicole for over 12 years and has three children that keep him laughing … and quite busy.

Focus on the Family

Keeping the Marriage Bed Pure by Resolving Conflict

Resolving conflict healthily honors marriage and keeps the marriage bed pure. Praying with your spouse leads to emotional safety, which encourages sexual intimacy.

Fighting Fair

There’s not necessarily any one right way to handle and resolve conflict – but, be assured that there are some mindsets, behaviors and attitudes you should avoid in this area of your marriage.

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It’s Unfair Not to Fight

Avoiding conflict in marriage isn’t fair to yourself or your spouse. Learning to embrace and resolve conflict healthily leads to a better marriage.

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Not Going to Extremes

Being stubbornly silent or verbally explosive during marital conflict doesn’t honor God. Finding balance in marital conflict resolution expresses honor and love for God.

Focus on the Family

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