Michael Ross

Michael Ross is an award-winning journalist and the author, co-author and collaborator of more than 32 books for Christian families. Today, he oversees Back to the Bible’s book publishing efforts. He and his wife Tiffany live in Lincoln, Neb., with their young son Christopher.

Does God really exist? Looking at this image of "God's eye" makes it hard to deny.

Does God Really Exist?

Michael Ross offers tips for answering skeptics who ask the question: “Does God Really exist?”

Risk Takers

Helping teen boys determine the difference between a risk worth take and a bad-decision risk. 

What to Say to a Skeptic

How can you respond when a skeptic questions Christ’s resurrection? Bill Myers and Michael Ross offer some tips.

Mother and daughter sitting on sofa, looking at each other; mother has her arm around her daughter

Be Your Teen’s Role Model

One way to influence your kids is by being a good role model for them.