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Michelle LaRowe

Moms Who Work Outside the Home: Organizing Your Day

A little humor, a little innovation, a little creativity and, frankly, learning the skill of “letting it go and blowing it off” is a big part of being a happier, more realistic and peaceful mom who works outside the home.

Ideas for Organization

Tips for family calendars, storage ideas, “office space” for kids and more

Organizing Your Home

Having a master list of all household-related contacts is a necessity.

Key Areas to Organize

There are a few key areas where you’ll get the most bang for your buck (and your time and effort).

Taming the Transition Times

Providing a way for your child to gain an understanding of how his day will go may eliminate some of the undesirable behaviors that tend to rear their ugly heads during transition times.

Making Mornings Manageable

If the midweek scavenger hunts have left you searching for a more manageable morning system, here’s a plan of action.

Focus on the Family

Have you benefited from a Focus on the Family ministry or resource? Share your story today and help families thrive.