Paul Coughlin

Paul Coughlin is an author, an international speaker and the founder and president of The Protectors, which is dedicated to helping schools, organizations and communities combat bullying. His books include No More Christian Nice Guy, Raising Bully-Proof Kids and 5 Secrets Great Dads Know. Paul and his wife, Sandy, reside in southern Oregon and have three teenage children. Learn more about Paul and his organization at

Three children dressed as unique superheroes

Are Your Kids Courageous?

Help your children understand the true meaning of courage.

Incorrect Meanings of ‘Sacrifice’

Serving your wife doesn’t mean you have to become a doormat and sacrifice your identity. So, what is Paul really saying in Ephesians 5:25?

Man looking at computer in hotel room

Virtual Infidelity and Marriage

In order to save, heal and protect our marriages from porn, we need to adopt a broader understanding of this pernicious and slippery world, an understanding that currently and unfairly pins most virtual infidelity on husbands.

Erosive Influence of Porn Upon Husbands

It’s when work life and family life are at their peak — and at times at each other’s throats. Many men turn to porn during these exhaustive years as an illicit pick-me-up.

Know Courage, Know Love

The area in our lives where courage is most needed is love. To love deeply is to open yourself to inevitable suffering, usually through rejection or loss.

Corrosive Influence of Porn on Wives

One reason why pornography is more attractive to wives than husbands is its capacity for secretive retribution.

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Traveling Toward Marital Intimacy

Though there is overlap, husbands and wives tend to take two unique paths toward intimacy. It’s important to understand where they lead and that sometimes we may have to force ourselves onto them.

What Drains Us of Courageous Faith?

Materialism conditions our soul to play life very safe and to be very selfish. By contrast, courage requires an ability to be dangerously unselfish.

Man looking at computer in hotel room

Pornography and Virtual Infidelity

In This Series: 1. The Stages of Pornography Addiction 2. Pornography and Virtual Infidelity 3. Pornography Lies 4. Corrosive Influence of Porn on Wives 5. Erosive Influence of Porn Upon Husbands 6. Marital Fidelity in a Social-Media World The photogra …

Courage: The Virtue That Bolsters All Other Virtues

This foundational virtue is so important that according to Jesus, some people actually walk away from faith because they don’t possess enough of courage.

Where Shall Courage Be Found?

To grow your courage, find out what grieves you. Write it down and share it with someone you trust who will encourage you.

Healthy Guilt vs. False and Harmful Guilt

False guilt has nothing to do with what’s true and accurate, nor is it related to true repentance. Rather, it is usually the fear of disapproval in disguise.

The Origins of False Guilt

The Origins of False Guilt

I, like many other earnest people of faith, spent the first half of my church life trying to avoid displeasing my pastor instead of pleasing God.

Living Without Constant Guilt

Living Without Constant Guilt

This misunderstood emotion can provide us with life experiences that can help us change for the better.

Cure for Feeling Real Guilt

This prideful man just doesn’t want to come clean and admit he made a mistake. So he plays word games.