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Ron Blue

Ron Blue has been a financial planner and consultant for more than 30 years. He currently leads Kingdom Advisors, an organization that equips and motivates Christian financial professionals to serve the body of Christ by implementing biblical wisdom in their lives and practices, resulting in financial freedom.

A young couple looking to resolve a conflict in their marriage. The man tries to explain as the wife covers her face in frustration.

How to Resolve Conflict in Marriage

How do you resolve conflict in marriage? Consider these eight strategies based on God’s design for effective conflict resolution.

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Kids and Money

Your kids can learn more about their monetary boundaries with your help.

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Teaching Your Kids About Money

Teaching kids about money is a matter of sharing your ideas and values with your kids as you go through the routines of daily life together.

Eternal Perspective

Part of the God’s Big Idea About Finances Series God’s Big Idea About Finances How to Be Financially Content What Does Financial Contentment Look Like? Eternal Perspective Series About: Managing Money Having an eternal perspective helps us deal with th …

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God’s Big Idea About Finances

Many people mistake the idea of financial freedom. They see it as meaning financial independence, applying it to people who have built up enough assets or income stream to work when they want, vacation where they want and buy what they want.

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Family Financial Fitness

If your money situation has reached the point where you find yourself sweating the arrival of each new batch of bills — if you’re habitually operating in the red and lying awake nights wondering how you’re going to make ends meet — there’s no time like the present to take things firmly in hand.

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Single Again: Managing the Financial Fallout

Seventy percent of all married women will be widowed, and marriages today have a 41 to 43 percent chance of ending in divorce. Will you be financially prepared?

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Communicating About Money

Divorced couples have revealed that money is one of the main reasons for their breakups.

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Widowed: Living Well in the Future

Doubt about the future strikes every new widow and widower at a time when their security has been greatly shaken. Many fears and questions arise. Whether or not you’ll be able to live as well in the future is determined by three things: your income, expenses, and long-term needs.

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Divorced: What to Do When

A divorced man or woman faces enormous psychological, emotional and financial adjustments.

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Approaching Remarriage

Remarriage should be considered carefully and only after a couple has sought premarital counseling.

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Widowed: What to Do When

Mental-health experts estimate it takes about two years for a widow or widower to absorb what has happened and be capable of making major decisions again.

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Communicating About Debt

Couples should have a financial strategy in place to avoid the use of debt. Don’t let debt become a cause of discontent in your marriage.

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Communicating About Investments

It can be difficult for couples to maintain an atmosphere of trust and open communication about investing.

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Communicating About Budgets

The number one reason for couples to develop a spending plan — a budget — is to reduce conflict in their marriage.