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Sarah Anne Sumpolec

Sarah Anne Sumpolec is a screenwriter and author who has a passion for young people to discover just how much God loves them. She’s been married to Jeff, a professional Christian counselor for 28 years and together they have three adult children, two of whom are in the entertainment industry. Her testimony story has been featured on numerous programs across the nation and she loves teaching about this critical subject. She is the founder of Sycamore Media Group, a production company dedicated to creating TV and Film for ages 8-18 that will uplift, inspire and engage. 

Witchcraft, teenage girl sitting in the dark reading about witchcraft on her tablet.

Witchcraft: What Christian Parents Need to Know

Witchcraft is a difficult subject to broach in Christian circles. Many people are so uncomfortable with it, they don’t even want to discuss it, and don’t believe it is real.

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The Dangerous Trend of Manifesting and Witchcraft on Social Media

Manifesting your dreams is a dangerous trend sweeping through our schools and social media. Manifesting and setting intentions is witchcraft.

teen girl holding up taro cards

Can We Know the Future? The Lure Within Social Media

The question “can we know the future?” has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Today, social media platforms exploit this fascination, drawing young people towards witchcraft and divination practices.

Watching shows with magic?

Magic in Media: Harmless Fantasy?

Understanding our children’s mental and spiritual development plays an important role in how they will interpret the worldview presented in today’s media.