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Shannon Medisky

When They Wake Up Wet

Does your child still wet the bed? Here are some tips for helping you and your kid get through these nightly inconveniences.

When Your Toddler Misbehaves

What do you do when your toddler acts out? Try these four successful ways to get through these trying times and perhaps avoid a meltdown—both yours and your toddler’s.

Helping Adopted Children Understand Expressions of Love

Discover new ways to draw close to your child.

Misbehavior or Mishap?

Is your toddler acting up or acting like a child? Even when you don’t know, guide him or her toward positive behavior.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Kids

Even when you demonstrate appropriate ways to respond to conflict, you can’t assume your children understand why you interact with others the way you do. So guide them toward becoming ministers of reconciliation in their words and actions.