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Steve Watters

Steve Watters is the former Director of Marriage and Parenting Preparation for Focus on the Family.

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Why Have Kids?

“Why have kids?” That’s a question couples are increasingly prone to ask.

A couple holds a baby's onesie as they stand together.

Preparing to Start a Family

Couples who arrive at a shared vision and a purposeful approach to starting a family are able to experience greater joy in their marriages and in their future roles as parents.

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Timing Matters When Having Kids

Your timeline for having kids is important. It is worthy of careful prayer, but not hypercare.

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Kids Can Be Good for Marriage, Really

Yes, having children will change your marriage, but you can trust that God designed your marriage to grow and deepen through that change.

A pregnant woman sits next to her husband; together they're holding a pair of pink baby shoes.

Getting On the Same Page About Kids

Do you and your spouse have different beliefs about starting your family – about when to get started or whether to have children at all?

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Can We Afford a Baby?

Many couples would like to start their family, but worry they can’t pull it off financially.

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Dealing With Pornography and Internet Addiction

Finding answers to your questions can be the first step in helping your addicted spouse.

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Should I Confront My Spouse?

If you see indications that your spouse’s Internet use is out of control, you need to confront them with your concern.

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How Do I Handle His/Her Denial or Refusal to Get Help?

Don’t be surprised if your spouse denies having a problem.

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My Wife Has a Cybersex Problem

Because of the incredible shame they face, men are not as eager to talk through their spouse’s sexual problems as women often are.

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What if I Only Suspect a Problem?

What you should be worried about are signs that your spouse’s use is getting out of control.

When is it Appropriate for Me to Leave?

Christian counselors generally agree that you should physically separate yourself from your spouse if you or your children are being exploited or victimized or enduring ongoing verbal abuse or emotional cruelty.

Girl with her hands covering her eyes, trying to resist the power of pornography

Resisting the Power of Pornography

Pornography is a problem for many teen guys. Consider these ways for helping them break free from porn, get back on the road of purity and renew their minds.