Tami DeVine

Focus on the Family Content Producer

Not everything on the news is suitable for kids

4 Tips for Parents Talking to Kids About the News

The news can often terrify children. As a parent, you can help your kids sort through news stories they might see on TV.

Benjamin at 18 months old. Photo by Karen Cooley

The Day Benjamin Almost Drowned

We saw him fall in and start to go underwater. Benjamin did not know how to swim. Suddenly, every parent’s worst nightmare was playing out in front of me.

women with disabilities and those in poverty lack opportunities

Unique Moms on the Other Side of the World

Moms have the same fundamental desire: safety and the best for their kids. But women with disabilities and those in poverty lack the same opportunities.

picture of a hiker standing high on rock cliff

Standing on The Rock When the Economy Crumbles

COVID-19 creates a dilemma for small business owners. They don’t want their customers to be harmed, yet they don’t want to lose their livelihood.

Close up of dad and young daughter washing their hands at the kitchen sink

Coronavirus Safety Tips for Kids

Parents can relay simple tips to their children to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Photo by Shutterstock

For Those Thinking Suicidal Thoughts During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you’re having suicidal thoughts because of coronavirus fears, help is available.

Close up of young boy at an art table, resting his head on his chin and looking into the camera

Steadfast Love in Action – 5 Ways to Love Your School

A song many Christians know comes from a Bible verse found in Matthew 20:26. It says “if you want to be great in God’s kingdom, learn to be the servant of all.” Showing steadfast love for your school involves learning to help and serve others. This is …

The Nesters - A Unique Family

Steadfast Love in Action: Loving Our Unique Family

Tim and Katie Nester are currently parenting 7 children. Their unique family challenges them to show steadfast love in action every day.