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Tiffany Loeffler Headshot

Tiffany Loeffler, DPT

Tiffany is the founder and director of Defending the Cause Regional Alliance, a network of organizations working together to protect kids and strengthen families around the Greater Sacramento Area. She has

been an advocate for vulnerable children since 2010, organizing short-term mission trips to Haiti, launching and leading a church-based foster care/adoption ministry and supporting local agencies and nonprofits. Tiffany and her husband Matt live in Northern California and have 2 children that were adopted from Haiti in 2017 after a miraculous 6 ½ year international adoption process. In addition to ministry work, Tiffany holds a doctorate in physical therapy, still treats patients part-time and serves on the Church Ministry Coaching team for the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

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How can we help kids in foster care?

Have you noticed how quickly people tune out when wide-spread needs or overwhelming statistics are mentioned? Our capacity to care has dramatically diminished because we’re constantly bombarded by needs too large for us to meet. We hear there are 400,0 …