Vance Fry

Vance Fry has worked as an editor and writer at Focus on the Family since 2010. Prior to his time at Focus, Vance worked at Overseas Radio and Television in Taipei, Taiwan. Vance and his wife Marcia have four children. In his free time, Vance enjoys hanging out with his family and making stuff in the garage.

Raising Dream Chasers

You can help your kids develop the fundamental character qualities they need to be successful.

Gift-Giving: Be Better This Year

Worried that your gift will miss the mark? The toaster flopped? Don’t despair. With constant learning and creativity, you really can find a present that speaks to your wife’s heart this Christmas. 

How Does My Child Learn?

A child’s personality and learning preference must be balanced with the reality that some skills take practice and aren’t fun. 

Don’t Let Christmas Gift Giving Stress Your Marriage

An often-forgotten side to the gift-giving tradition is that your spouse is sharing something meaningful, possibly as a way to spend quality time together. Learning that is a big part of marriage.

Raising Resilient Kids

How to teach kids to bounce back after they face adversity or hardship.

Keep Up the Chase

The fun little things that we do early in our relationships often seem impractical and somewhat unnecessary after we’re married. But the pursuit of one’s spouse is a mission without end.

Tales of Christmas Past Advent Calendar

Are you looking for the Focus on the Family 2015 Advent calendar? You can still download the true stories centered around the Christmas season.

God … the Father?

Have earthly fathers helped or hurt your view of God as your Father?

Talking to Kids About Natural Disasters

Help kids face their fears in a world where bad things happen

Who is God: Teaching Kids About God and His Nature

Though we can’t fully understand God’s message without encountering the truth of His Word and the gift of His Son, we can reinforce who God is through the hearable, seeable and touchable world around them. 

Double your gift for religious freedom