Weslie Onsando

Weslie Onsando is a twin mom and content producer for Focus on the Family.

Shadow of a man with an abusive wife. He sits alone with his head in his hands, grappling with the fact that women abuse men too.

Male Abuse in Marriage? Why an Abusive Wife Is No Laughing Matter

Can men experience abuse in marriage? Why is it so hard to see a man as a victim of abuse?

couple comforting woman with unplanned pregnancy

How to Help a Couple Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy

Married couples can walk into moments of crisis — such as when a person isn’t sure what to do with an unplanned pregnancy — and shine the light of God’s hope into the darkness.

Couple lovingly embracing on couch thinking about having another baby

I Want To Have Another Baby, but My Spouse Doesn’t

Deciding whether to have another baby is one of the most difficult decisions a couple will make. If you’re facing this issue, how can you navigate it together in a healthy and biblical way?

Asian woman crying on the phone

Encouraging Words for Someone Who Has Been Cheated On

Discovering infidelity in marriage can be devastating. How can you come alongside and encourage a friend who has been cheated on?

Group Of Mature Friends Playing Croquet In Backyard Together

The Marriage Mission: Love One Another

A couple that loves well will often extend that love to their children, their neighbors and the passersby with whom they share their world. As iron sharpens iron, these loving couples push each other to be better members of their community.

couple arguing on park bench_ overwhelmed spouse

Helping Your Spouse When They’re Overwhelmed

Your spouse is the one person with whom you can be truly honest and still feel seen and cared for. What do you do when your spouse is overwhelmed?