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Returning to a Godly Perspective on Sex and Romance, Part 6

Today's Guests

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Stepping outside of God’s design for sex will always leave scars. John, Greg and Erin talk about overcoming sexual struggles. Featuring Levi Lusko.

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Recent Episodes

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Your marriage can become a safe place of trust when you and your spouse are managing conflict well. John and Greg explain how you can be a calming voice for your spouse, when he or she is upset.

Engaging Conflict in a Productive Way, Part 4

A small misunderstanding can trigger a big argument with your spouse. However, conflict can actually be good for your relationship, if you learn to handle it well. John and Greg share how they’ve learned to deal with conflict in their own marriages.

Navigating the Common Challenges of Marriage, Part 6

The work of raising children can make you feel deprived of spending time with your spouse. You might be asking, “How can we have any time for each other?” Greg and John share some simple tips for connecting with your spouse amidst the busyness of raising kids.

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