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Pastors and Church Leaders:

You see the culture shifting on the issue of homosexuality. Same-sex marriage, inconceivable just 50 years ago, is now at the U.S. Supreme Court, and predictions aren’t favorable. Around the nation, Christians are being silenced and losing their livelihoods because they believe God’s design of one man, one woman for life is best for children, families and the culture.

So how can pastors and church leaders approach this “hot-button” issue with their church in a way that’s biblical, helpful, hopeful and compassionate? Focus on the Family® believes this is one of the most crucial issues impacting the Church today; yet, we realize church pastors and leaders are stretched thin as it is.

That’s why Focus’ Thriving Values team has designed for you this short, yet informative and helpful resource. It offers some basic truths about the topic of homosexuality and ideas on how to approach the issue — whether you’re discussing this with your church, youth group, Sunday school class or home group.

Our goals for this kit are to:

  • Educate Christians to know the truth about God’s design for marriage and sexuality;
  • Encourage believers to live as “salt and light” in the world, drawing others to Christ and engaging the culture as biblical citizens; and
  • Equip churches to extend grace and support to those struggling with same-sex attractions and their loved ones.

Within each of the three content sections —“Theology and the Church,” “Engaging The World” and “Reaching Those Affected” — we explain some of the basic concepts people should understand; discuss helpful approaches and tone; and provide links to a myriad of resources. If you’re not yet convinced of the need to address these issues within your church or sphere of influence, we suggest starting here: “Three Reasons Why Pastors — and Other Church Leaders — Should Talk About Homosexuality in The Church.”

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